31 October, 2008

Sweet Dreams

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

30 October, 2008

Baby Steps

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” - Lao Tzu

After much going back and forth about where I want to move in September (Rome? Paris? London? Barcelona?), I've finally decided on Paris. As much as I love all the other cities, they'll all be a short plane ride away.

My heart belongs to Paris.

28 October, 2008

Taking Clues From Nature

Vorrei imparare dal vento a respirare,
dalla pioggia a cadere,
dalla corrente a portare le cose dove non vogliono andare
e avere la pazienza delle onde di andare e venire,
ricominciare a fluire.

Un aereo passa veloce e io mi fermo a pensare
a tutti quelli che partono, scappano o sono sospesi
per giorni, mesi, anni
in cui ti senti come uno che si è perso tra obbiettivi ogni volta più grandi.

Succede perché,
in un instante tutto il resto diventa invisibile,
privo di senso e irraggiungibile per me,
succede perché fingo che va sempre tutto bene ma non lo penso in fondo.

Torneremo ad avere più tempo,
e a camminare per le strade che abbiamo scelto,
che a volte fanno male,
per avere la pazienza delle onde di andare e venire,
e non riesci a capire .

21 October, 2008


Un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, à la folie ? Qui ne se rappelle pas avoir effeuillé la marguerite cherchant à vaincre l'affreux doute quant à l'amour du ou de la bien-aimée ? Qui ne se rappelle pas les émotions du premier amour naissant à 14, 16 ou 18 ans ? Comment la proximité de l'élu(e) pouvait nous faire chavirer et rêver pendant des heures... avant même de lui avoir adresser la parole ? Nous étions en amour avec l'Amour.
La première sortie, le premier baiser, la première promesse, la première caresse, le premier projet rêvé à deux. Il était tellement merveilleux ; elle était tellement belle ; rien n'existait plus sans lui ; l'avenir n'était pas possible sans elle. Notre amour était pur et éternel. Nous transformions le monde, avions les plus beaux enfants et nous vivions heureux. Rien ne pouvait nous arrêter. Sauf...

La première peine d'amour. Que de pleurs et de sanglots ! Comment a-t-il pu me faire cela ? Jamais je n'aurais imaginé qu'elle puisse être comme ça. Quel grand vide crée la première peine d'amour ! Que de mal au ventre et à l'estomac la perte de l'être aimé peut susciter. Quelle déprime ! Et juste avant de sombrer complètement, voilà qu'arrive... un nouvel amour.

Nous nous rappelons toujours avec nostalgie nos premières amours d'adolescence. Et comment l'apprentissage de l'amour a pu être parsemé d'embûches, mais aussi de plaisirs et de joies indescriptibles. Jusqu'au moment où enfin la perle rare arrive et qu'on fasse le grand saut : on se promet de s'aimer toujours, pour le meilleur et pour le pire

Taking Chances

Se un uomo non è disposto a correre qualche rischio per le sue idee, o le sue idee non valgono nulla o non vale niente lui.

I've printed out my applications, am meeting with professors for references and filling out financial aid forms....Europe, here I come!!

17 October, 2008

Wishful Thinking

If Thursday is the new Friday, today must be Saturday.

So why am I sitting at work trying to avoid the urge to stab myself with a ball point pen and not luxuriously lounging around in my pajamas and composing long letters to friends with said pen? (Okay, maybe not that last part)

15 October, 2008

Dream Rooms

*All pictures from Desire to Inspire

10 October, 2008

Villa la Madonnina

I think I've found where I'm staying on my next trip to Positano....

Now, if only I could grow a money tree :)

Reinventing the Mundane

I've been lucky to have traveled and lived all over the world. Chicago is now the city I've spent the most time in, and I've been feeling incredibly restless for the past few years. The wanderlust is really getting to me!

When I first started looking at law/graduate schools, my choices were all over the map-- Paris, Rome, London, Montreal, Sweden, Germany. Anywhere but the United States.

One night, my parents sat me down to go over my choices. They, more than anyone, understand my wanderlust. They paid for all my language lessons, bought me foreign CD's, encouraged me to develop a diverse group of friends and instilled in me the passion for culture and travel. So when we sat down at the dinner table that night and my dad asked me why I was applying to out-of-country schools, I was surprised. I wasn't expecting having to defend my choices. To me, it was obvious. How could I spend another year here? There's no culture here, I said. No warmth from people, no passion for life. It's a 9-5 existence where people look forward to their measly two weeks of vacation during which they aren't even able to tear themselves away from their blackberrys. How could I spend another year here when I felt like my soul was being stiffled?

It was then that my dad said something that has stuck with me ever since. He said, eventually, you will feel like that no matter where you go. The grass is always greener on the other side and no matter where you live, the mundane will always catch up with you. Even if you are surrounded by beautiful buildings and interesting people, you will still feel lonely sometimes. They key, he said, is to surround yourself with good people who have the same love of culture and passion for life that you do. That way, no matter where you are, you will never feel alone or stiffled.

At the time, I didn't believe him. I thought, no matter who I surround myself with I will always hate it here. It's been a year since that conversation, and I have to say, my father was right. I've surrounded myself with people who love what I love, and I've made numerous new friends who are travelers at heart, like me. Instead of constantly planning the future and my move to Europe, I began to enjoy my time here--I've explored the city, found small cafes that remind me of those in Paris, joined language groups and stocked up on foreign reading material.

The past year has flown by and, while I still feel in my heart that I belong in Europe, and am still hell-bent on moving there next fall, I realize that I no longer feel stiffled. Sure, I still browse dozens of expat blogs a day, my ipod is devoid of any songs in English, and I'm constantly on cheaptickets.com browsing airfare deals to Europe. But I'm realizing that I need to enjoy, really enjoy, the time I have left here because although I may not miss Chicago, I will miss all my family and friends.

“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.” - Dagobert D. Runes

09 October, 2008

Positano, Mi Manchi

Sembra perfetto...
il cielo che ho lasciato è lo stesso che ritrovo tutto l'anno qua, tornare...
tutto era al suo posto quasi ad aspettare che me ne tornassi qua, da solo...
quasi a ritardare il momento di lanciarmi nella mischia
ma so che la sera tutto funziona,
che se cerchi una risposta forse ti arriva
è l'atmosfera che ti trasporta verso la voglia che ti torna un'altra volta,
meglio la sera fuori dal mondo,
mentre il mondo mi gira tutto intorno tra me e me che penso a quello che mi aspetta in questa sera che mi gusto senza fretta.

So che prima o poi passerà stasera...
e che tutto ritornerà com'era...
sarebbe bello durasse almeno mezz'ora...
comunque andrà dovrà tornare com'era...
sarebbe bello che durasse almeno mezz'ora...

Prometto a me stesso la felicità
senza limiti gustare tutto quello che dà, come si fa,
ora so come si fa,
è un impegno che ti prende e vale quello che dà

Guarda come si sta
quando tutto gira,
quando niente non va,
quando parlano i fatti,
quando inizi e non la smetti,
quando vedi che ti prende e non ti fermi...

So che prima o poi passerà stasera...
e che tutto ritornerà com'era...
sarebbe bello durasse almeno mezz'ora...
comunque andrà dovrà tornare com'era

Bastasse almeno mezz'ora

Cap ou pas?

Une vie entière pour se dire "je t'aime". 80 ans pour démarrer une histoire d'amour.

Et tout ça à cause d'un jeu. Ou peut-être grâce à un jeu.

"Cap ou pas cap ?" "Cap ! Bien sûr ! "

Cap de tout : du meilleur comme du pire. Bafouer tous les tabous, défier tous les interdits, braver toutes les autorités, rire, se faire mal.

Cap de tout !? sauf, peut-être de s'avouer qu'ils s'aiment.

Ils jouent, ils s'aiment ? Le jeu, l'amour ? L'amour, le jeu : finalement c'est tellement plus simple d'être ami.

Et ainsi la vie passe, le jeu reste, de plus en plus intense, comme la passion.

Et chaque fois qu'ils se répondent "Cap !", ils se disent "Je t'aime plus que ma propre vie".

"Plus que ma propre vie ?" "Cap !"