28 April, 2009

5 Things

5 Things I'll never be able to pull off:

1. Pretending to like animals (okay, so I have a puppy. I had a moment of weakness when I saw him curled up in his crate at the pet store. Moment ended when puppy managed to chew up all belongings, shed EVERYWHERE and keep me up all night. Have realised that animals are good from a distance)

2. Eating spaghetti without loosing my sex appeal (actually, eat/drink anything without losing my sex appeal. On my first date with my first boyfriend, I lifted my glass to take a drink, missed my mouth and soaked my conveniently white shirt with iced tea)

3. Wearing flats (I absolutely CANNOT walk in flat shoes. I wear heels almost all the time)

4. Dating someone shorter than I am (see #3. I'm 5'9 and wear 2 inch, if not taller, heels almost everyday. I just can't phathom leaning down to kiss someone. Prince charming, please be 6" or over....)

5. Calling futbol "soccer": (I'm foreign....it's always going to be futbol to me!! p.s. Cristiano Ronaldo, if you are reading this, I don't know how tall you are but I would be willing to make an exception to rule # 4 for you.....just sayin)


Andrea said...

Really...no flats? haha...that's funny because I absolutely cannot walk in heels!!

204 said...

okay, so I am so disgusting with eating and drinking ...and so atrocious and awkward that this once, when this man and I were in love for a minute or two ...he tried to spoon feed me icecream by the lake at night, and all that jazz ...I know I dont look sexy with a spoon full of anything and I tried to decline it ...instead he almost knocked my teeth out again with the spoon. He then tried again, which I was appalled with ...and I was like "fuck, I better just eat this spoon full of fucking icecream and get it over with" and the icecream slid right off of the spoon, onto the side of my mouth and onto my chest. He had the most repulsed look on his face and immediately put the lid back on the icecream ...passed me the bottle of wine instead, where I proceeded in chugging it. (quite the romantic, arent I?)

Also, I too can not walk in flats. Ive been wearing some sort of heel since I was 5 years old. I waddle like a duck or take giant strides that result in me tripping myself in some form or fasion.

How is this for the longest comment EVER and the longest run-on sentences?

Just thought you should know, I do relate!

Anait said...

K, ahahahahahah i love your comment (the longer the better!!). being a klutz is hard work, but someone has to do it, right??!!