12 March, 2009

Book Nerd

Last night I discovered a used-book bookstore a mere two minutes walk from my apartment.

This is a major discovery for a book nerd like me. I devour books, it's a habit I must have acquired when I was little. My mom would spend hours reading to me and, the minute I learned to read myself I was the local library's number one customer. By the age of five, I had most of Pushkin's well-known poetry memorized, and by the age of twelve I had read most of what the literary world calls "classics" (although it is not until I re-read those books when I was older that I truly appreciated them).

Books make up a large part of my life. I could never be in a relationship with a man who is not as passionate about literature as I am, and I am always vaguely dissapointed when I meet someone who doesn't like reading. To me, that is unfathomable. Books have the power to transport you away. For a few hours, you are part of the cast,invested in the characters as if they were part of your reality. What girl doesn't want to be a medeival maiden for a day, a queen, or an explorer, a gypsy, an FBI agent...the possibilities are endless.

I no longer go to the library because with the amount of late fees I was accruing, the library was not really "free".

Instead, I spend hours and hours in bookstores. And the bookshelves stuffed full in my apartment are a testament to my inability to leave the stores without purchasing a book.

Not only is the bookstore I discovered within walking distance of my house, but it

a) is HUGE. Four stories, shelves upon shelves filled with books on all kinds of subjects, in every imaginable subject.

b) serves coffee

c) is open until 1am everday



JouJou Loves You said...

Ahhhhh this looks aaaaamazing!!! I wish I would have known about this place while I was living there!!!

A great find indeed. You should ask them if you can live upstairs with the kitty cat.

Scintilla @ Bell'Avventura said...

This would be my heaven too!