23 March, 2009

Chuckle, Chuckle

Dear Anait,

Remember the joy you used to feel when you'd find a quarter lying in the street?

And how exciting it was when you got older and found a crumpled $20 bill in the pocket of a pair of jeans you hadn't worn in months?

Well brace yourself, Anait, because the day isn't far off when in-between taking naps, swimming laps, and doing the routine happy dance, you'll be busy gathering documents for your tax return preparer and suddenly you'll find a statement to a bank account you don't even remember opening, with more than enough money in it to do whatever it is your heart now longs to do.

You do trip us out.

Sure enough,
The Universe

Oh, Universe. You make me chuckle.

If only you knew how many dreams I've had about that hidden bank account I don't remember opening. Unfortunately, what I do remember is the total in the bank account I am fully aware exists.

You've got a lot of work to do, Universe.

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