05 March, 2009

Hakuna Matata, Continued

"Feel the smile stretching across your face, notice the lightness in your step, hear the sparkle in your voice"....

I stepped outside for lunch today, and, for the first time in the past six months, I wasn't wearing a winter coat! No jacket at all. Finally, it feels like spring. ITS ABOUT TIME.

As I crossed the bridge over the river, the water was sparkling, a warm breeze ruffled my hair and I felt so ALIVE. New season, new me. I have so much to look foward to in the next few months, and with this unexpected warm weather I feel on top of the world.

Hakuna Matata, indeed.

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Joanna Goddard said...

i love this! also, guess what? you are the winner of the ram paperweight on my blog! just email me with your address, yay! joanna_goddard (at) yahoo (dot) com

xoxo joanna