30 March, 2009

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Scientific Match advertises:

Why pay matchmaker prices when you can have chemistry?

Our private, secure, personalized system will find you the most perfect matches possible.

ScientificMatch uses your DNA to maximize the chances of finding chemistry—actual, physical chemistry—with your matches. We look at your personal values to help you find a soul mate. And our in-depth background checks provide one of the safest—and most honest—places for your search.

We faithfully guard your DNA. Your genetic information is never made public—not even you can see it. Our CLIA/ASH-accredited lab never knows whose DNA it's analyzing, and it follows all HIPAA privacy guidelines. We only analyze a very few of your immune system genes—not your whole genetic makeup. And your DNA sample is destroyed after we’re done with it. Your genetic privacy is much more vulnerable when you get a haircut, or drink from a glass in a restaurant!

Whatever happened to the old days when people first met in person? I would never, ever do something like this. Part of falling in love (and lust) is the magic of that first meeting, the not-knowing. Sure, I may have avoided several heartbreaks if I dated through a DNA based system, but I'd like to someday tell my kids that mommy met daddy while dancing at a small Parisian bar (or whatever the case will be), not that mommy sent in her DNA and her test tube was matched with daddy's.

Would you ever consider trying something like this?

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