30 March, 2009

Merde Alors

Apparently, when I did all that CHECK-ing I was getting a little ahead of myself.

I called the school Friday (the application deadline) to make sure they received all my application materials and was told that I was still missing a letter of recommendation. I had spoken with my professor a day earlier and she assured me that she would fax if over that same day. Promises, promises.

Since Friday, I have called her approximately 40 times, left 3 voicemails and 5 email messages. Her phone has gone directly to voicemail each time. Simultaneously, I've been calling the Graduate Department on the off chance that she faxed it in without telling me.

Head, meet table.

Is this a joke? Am I on Candid Camera? Quick, let's reveal the cameras so I can have a good laugh about this and go back to being able to sleep at night.

Possible permanent loss of mental sanity? CHECK.

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