16 March, 2009

Neverland (Never Again)

She opens the letter he sent, her fingers trembling. As she unfolds the pages, she remembers the touch of his skin, the way his silly jokes and outlandish games made her throw her head back in laughter and just for a minute, she feels a longing so intense she can hardly breathe. She slides the letter back into the envelope without reading it.

She stands by the window. The breeze blows through the open shutters, ruffling her hair as she closes her eyes, lost in memories. Images of pillow fights, the way he’d put his arm around her as they walked, the way he’d brush her hair out of her eyes fill her mind. The way he’d look at her, with sorrow filled eyes and an apology at his lips, when they argued. Oh! The arguments!

She opens here eyes as her pulse races. Anger makes her blood flow faster as she remembers the lies, the secrets. She remembers how it felt to have her heart shattered into a million pieces, each a jagged shard provoking piercing pain anytime she took a breath.

She tears the envelope into pieces and drops them out of the window, watching them flutter onto the ground, little confetti pieces of her past.

Yes, Neverland was magical and the Lost Boy even more so. But there is nothing magical about a broken heart.

Better to live in the real world and find true love than to live in Neverland and play make-believe.

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