02 March, 2009


An American writer once wrote,"Secrets are things we give away for others to keep"

I recently stumbled upon a project that has been going on for a few years now. Postcards are left in random places all over cities and whoever picks one up is asked to write a secret on it and mail it in. Some are over-the-top soap opera quality secrets, but it is the simple ones, the honest, heartfelt secrets that really touch me. Sometims we keep things to ourselves, afraid that exposing our emotions or secret thoughts will cause us to be branded or judged. But we all have the same fears, the same thoughts and, sometimes, the same secrets.

We pass them on in an effort to make our burden lighter. A burden shared. We are all keepers of secrets--we keep our own and we take in those of our friends, our relatives and even those of strangers.

*all secrets courtesy of http://www.postsecretarchive.com/

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