03 April, 2009

Am I Asking Too Much??

The ONLY time i have EVER gotten a haircut that didn't cause me to wear a hat for several weeks afterwards was the one I got in Montreal. Tired of botch-ups I wandered into the hotel salon, plopped myself down in a velvet chair and, before I could even explain what I was looking for to the hairdresser, she looked me up and down, took the scissors in her hands and said, "Relax darling, I know EXACTLY what you need". Forty minutes later I was looking at myself, proud owner of the Perfect!Haircut! Bangs and all.

After 22 years of screw-ups, it was about time.

I came back to Chicago and, eventually, my bangs grew out. No problem, I thought, I'll just stop by the nearest salon and ask them for a trim. Famous last words. Let's just say I wore my "bangs" clipped back for the next three months until they no longer resembled an experiment gone wrong.

Since then, I have tried (VERY unsuccessfuly)several times to have my bangs cut. Now that they're "in style", I see girls with perfect bangs walking around everywhere and I have to resist the urge to stop, grab one by the shoulders and BEG her to tell me where she got a decent haircut (unfortunately, you are too far away!). Wherever it is, I haven't discovered it yet.

Am seriously considering flying to Montreal just for a haircut. Considering the money I'll save on hair-pins, it might be worth it.


Lauren (Lo) said...

If you are looking for a great stylist in Chicago his name is Ed and he works at Guise/Chic on Halsted. He is only there for a couple more weeks so get in there ASAP! Ah-mazing!

Anait said...

Thanks for the heads up Lo, I'll definately have to make an appointment....i'm desperate for a normal haircut!!