02 April, 2009


*Phew* Crisis averted. All paperwork is in, just a matter of being patient and hoping for a *big* envelope, not a small one.

I hate waiting. My plans for the next two years hinge on these results and I'm so anxious to start planning, one way or the other.

Universe, let's speed things up a little.


JouJou Loves You said...

IT is a DONE DEAL ma cherie..I FEEEEEEL IT!!!! I will see you sooner than soon!!!! Waaaaa!!!!

204 said...

oh, you are an excellent little writer! now Im stalking your blog and definitely a fan. isnt it funny, something well written can just hook you in ...you get totally immersed in someone elses life. I love that.

its official Im a follower. well. when I get home and add you to my follow list, or what ever that thing is!

nice to meet you via blog and via jenovia. xox

Anait said...

thanks girls, you both made my day :) xo