07 April, 2009

Vacation, Anyone?

My birthday isn't until September, but I'm already planning a little vacation to celebrate (must!feed!travel!addiction!)I can't decide where to go....originally I thought of doing a girl's weekend in Vegas. I've never been and the thought of free (I give myself SOME credit) drinks and a let loose weekend is very enticing. But then I saw these pictures of Cabo San Lucas and now I'm having a hard time getting the image of myself sipping a margarita on the beach out of my head. So....which should it be: Vegas or Cabo?


JouJou Loves You said...

CABO CABO CABO..who could say no to that water???!!! Ahhhhh!!!! You will probably get a job there and stay HA!!!

Anait said...

pfffffff if by "job" you mean "hot boy who will whisk me away to his beach-side cabana", then YES, I could picture myself staying ;)