18 May, 2009

I Leave Tomorrow!!

I found this in my Inbox this morning and it seems only fitting...

My wish for you, Anait, is that you succeed beyond your wildest imagination. That you find love in places that astound you. And that you have friends who call you "just because." I dream that you go barefoot more than you wear shoes. That you play as hard as you work. And that you laugh more than you cry. I want you to set the bar high, but not too high. To reach for the stars, but with your toes on the ground. And to never, ever stop dreaming. But most of all, Anait, I wish for your happiness.

The Universe

15 May, 2009

Gothic Postcards

Jurek Nems is an extremely talented Polish photographer who has lived all over Europe. His photos bring evoke a myserious, other-worldly, almost gothic side of places that are usually tourist postcards. In just a few short days (4!!) I will be taking photographs of these places myself...

13 May, 2009

What Would Your Mother Say!

Dear Stranger In The Hotel Across The Street,

Tonight, my cousin and I were having a wonderful time sitting on her balcony, smoking hookah, giggling like five year olds at all our inside jokes and planning our futures.

You, meanwhile, were in your hotel room accross the street watching television. Now, I don't know what part of the world you come from (but if I had to venture a guess, I'd say from under a rock) but here the laws of nature apply. When it is dark outside, and you have your lights on inside, people outside can see you. You may not see them, but they see you. In fact, in a city full of high rise buildings, pretty much everyone can see you.

But in the spirit of good hospitality, we forgave you when you walked to the television buck naked to change the channel. Maybe you were tired of using the remote. Maybe you forgot you weren't wearing clothes. Whatever the case, you gave my cousin and I a good laugh.

Imagine our surprise, then, when the next time we glanced over at your hotel building, who should we see but you....naked, staring straight at us and, well....giving yourself a good time, shall we say.

Thank you, dear stranger, for showing me the full range of my emotions. Within thirty seconds, I went from amusement to absolute disgust and then, when you waved and motioned us to join you, I felt pity for you.

Glad you enjoyed your stay in the Windy City. But I'm afraid it's just you and your hand tonight.


I'll Be Back....(Tomorrow)

Confucious once said:

No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.

I've been SO busy lately...working 7am-7pm, coming home and working on writing projects, working on my non-profit organization (more on that later)..that I haven't had any time to stop and smell the roses. Or, in my case, catch up on my favorite blogs. You know who you are!

Thankfully, it looks like the rush will be over after today and I will finally be able to catch up with everything and take some time to myself. Although I am sure Confucious wasn't referring to blog reading, I think the deeper message stands: don't let a busy life make you lose touch with the world.

08 May, 2009


I want to spend a weekend curled up in that bed--the window open, a slight breeze fanning through the room--thinking about absolutely nothing. Just to spend the day laying around, daydreaming, observing the shadows on the wall, induling in the joy of just being.

Not A Demented Bee

Only 11 days left until I leave for Spain/France! It's all I think about....correction, PARIS is all I think about. It consumes my thoughts, sneaks itself into my dreams and appears when I least expect it. Just yesterday I was walking home after a HORRIBLE day at work. Stressed out, my feet barely moving in heels, hair drenched from the rain (why is it that I never have an umbrella when it's raining?), I was exhausted beyond belief. Then, as I crossed the street, a man walked by wearing a shirt with PARIS printed accross the front. Suddenly, the rain was charming and my feet didn't hurt as much (yes, I would like some wine with that cheese!)

I've started thinking about what to pack. I'm bringing only a carry-on suitcase and a small shoulder bag/purse. This, combined with weight restrictions, means I am severely limited in what I can bring. Do I bring a blow dryer? Straightener? Or do I just brave the elements and let my curly hair do its thing? What shoes do I bring? Will I really wear those ridiculously cute but blister inducing black and white striped heels?

Finally, I had to mentally smack myself and focus. One pair of heels and curly hair it is. The less I bring, the more freedom I have (and okay, the more room I have to bring back things I buy there!!).

I absolutely cannot wait for this trip. I have no itinerary planned, no required sightseeing. I'm staying with a friend in Madrid and I'll let him show me his side of the city. As for Paris, I plan on losing myself in the side streets, wandering through the gardens, people-watching from the sidewalk cafes and spending as much time as I can with a certain someone. It's liberating being free from both material posessions and plans. I'm going to go where the wind takes me on this trip...I know I won't be dissapointed.

Only one major thing left to do: BUY MY PLANE TICKET!!!

"The ones who recognised that love is enough and that possessions are borrowed pastimes, will float free to the exit sign, their arms ready to hug their friends, their toothbrush in their pocket. The ones who stayed up late, gathering and gathering like demented bees, will find that you can take it with you. The joke is that you have to carry it yourself" --*From Jeanette Winterson's “The World and Other Places”

06 May, 2009

Gwen Stefani and I, We're Like THIS

Was speaking with boss's client this morning and told him I would call him back after I had an answer to his question. Client replied with, "Yes, please, holla back".

Will do, sir, will do.

In other news, I got a promotion! I have yet to determine if this is a blessing or a curse. In any case, I went out last night to celebrate. Never underestimate the hold that a woman playing pool has over men. Many shots of tequila later (whoever lost had to buy the winner a shot. Did I mention I'm really good at pool?) I ambled my way home where I blasted some salsa music and danced to my heart's content.

Man, I feel like a woman.

05 May, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Here's one way to get the Swine Flu:

But you see, Mexico isn't all about swine flu. Feast your eyes on this sizzling export:


04 May, 2009

I'd Like A Letter K, Please

Kristin from Camels and Chocolate, whose amazing travels and stories inspire me daily, posted a travel challenge: Traveling to a country from every list of the alphabet by age 30.

Being the travel addict that I am, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. See my list below (the countries in bold are the ones I have yet to visit). This means I have eight years to visit 23 countries. Call me naive, but I think I can do it--most of the countries are easily grouped and don't require seperate trips. And, once I am living in Europe (is it September 2010 yet??) it will be easier (and cheaper!) to fly to, say, Greece for the weekend.

World, here I come!

A- Austria, Armenia, Australia, Argentina
B- Brazil
C- Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic
D- Denmark
E- England, Egypt
F- France
G- Germany, Georgia, Greece
H- Hungary
I- Italy, Ireland, Israel
J- Jordan
K- (really have no desire to see any country that begins with the letter K)
L- Latvia
M- Morocco
N-New Zealand
O- (see letter K)
P- Portugal
Q- (see letter K)
R- Russia, Romania
S- Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Scotland
T- Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia
U- United States of America, Uganda
V- Vatican City
W- Wales
X- (on hold pending creating of a new country)
Y-Z- (see letter K)

*After further thought (and...ahem...budget...considerations), I've decided to extend my deadline to 35. Details, details.

Happy Monday

I want to be the kind of woman that when my feet hit the ground each morning the devil says, "OH CRAP, SHE'S UP".
Oh yessss, I am UP and i have BIG plans for this week!!

01 May, 2009

Mario Testino

Plan B

Last night I had a plan: clean room, finish writing projects, laundry, sort paperwork, catch up on emails.

What I actually did last night: Shisha+Riesling