27 July, 2009


I knew this morning when I woke up that it was going to be a LONG week. I spent the weekend in the hospital emergency room (more on that later), and today was no less dramatic.

About an hour ago, after playing tennis, my roommate and I came back to the apartment and decided to play badminton outside the alley next to our house. After a half hour of throwing the birdie around, we happened to glance at our neighbor's apartment and noticed that the window screen was broken and laying on the patio, the door was open and all the lights were off.

We immediately went back into our house and called our landlord. Our landlord attempted to call our neighbors, and, when they didn't pick up, he advised us to call the police.

We did so, and proceeded to lock ourselves up in the upstairs bedroom with an assortment of knives and other sharp objects by our side...just in case (I watch too much CSI...in any case, better safe than sorry!).

The police showed up, walked up to the apartment and walked inside. It turns out our neighbors were indeed home. They were sleeping with their bedroom door opened and hadn't even heard the burglar enter the apartment.

By the time the police came, the burglar was long gone, but there were definite signs of a break-in.

What is most disturbing is that we live in an extremely safe (or so I thought) neighborhood. It is one of the most desirable neighborhoods of Chicago. The police, however, mentioned that there has been an increase in break-ins in the neighborhood, many occuring while the tenants are home.

Something tells me I won't be sleeping much tonight.


a taste of madeleine said...

how disturbing: sleeping in a dream world and there is an intruder in your space. scary.

for my MA I am following the erasmus mundus program. one year in poland, one year in london (lse).

Anait said...

Scary, indeed.

Before I decided on UIC/Sorbonne, I had thought to apply to an LSE programme....i may eventually transfer, who knows? Good luck! you must be so excited--and it'll be exciting to move around!

Simply Mel said...

I remember when our place was broken into and you just feel so violated. I didn't lose sleep over the items they took, for I was more unsettled that some stranger with ill intent had walked in my 'safe-haven' I called home.

Sorry for you and this disturbing event.

On a happier note, I'm glad you stopped by my blog because now I have discovered yours...a fellow wanderlust gal!

204 said...

oh, that is just awful. I dont know how I managed not to get to this posting sooner ...but EEEK. I also live in a pretty decent neighborhood here in L.A. and we have burglaries weekly on my block. it's frightening.