24 July, 2009

Next Stop: Costa Rica !!!

It's decided.

I am going to Costa Rica December 12-20th. Alone.

With the price of a round-trip ticket being cheaper than one to California, a night at a hostel cheaper than an average meal here....and those GORGEOUS rain forests, how could I resist?

It's been a dream of mine to go for years now. I've finally tired of waiting for someone to go with me and have decided to go on my own.

Already, I am getting the usual "you are traveling BY YOURSELF??" and "won't you be lonely??", "is it safe???". It never ceases to amaze me how appalled people are when I say I am traveling alone.

I LOVE being solo. Between the new people I meet and the sightseeing, I don't have time to be lonely. Just the opposite...I enjoy the occasional feeling of solitude, of depending only on myself. My memories are my own, my itinerary open and there's a certain satisfaction in planning and going somewhere completely new without anyone's help.

Costa Rica, here I come!!!!!!!!!


Org Change & Development said...

Vaca alone all you want...just watch out for terrorists, drug cartels, kidnappers, and overall any form of human trafficing. And PLEASE stay away from North Korea.

katerinafiore said...

Traveling alone is not un safe....It is an adventure, many people never do cuz they are too scared. I am proud of you hun! You only live once!

jen laceda said...

Good on you! Nothing wrong with a solo road trip! Most of the time, I actually prefer it. Woo-hoo! I'm super excited for you :)

Anait said...

Thank you for the encouragement ladies!!! I'll keep you posted on the trip planning!

qualcosa di bello said...

buon viaggio!!!! i have no doubt you will enjoy your time there. we were there last december & loved it very much.