12 August, 2009

You Know You Are A Corporate Slave When

a) you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the firm

b) you come in earlier and stay later than your boss

c) you have margarita mix in the mini-fridge (and your sanity depends on it)

d) you shower at the firm

e) although you have never actually spent a night at the firm, you know where the sleeping bags are


Tina said...

The fact that the firm HAS sleeping bags worries me a little bit...

Anait said...

Ha! They're not "official" firm sleeping bags, but I know several people who keep one in their office....regardless, the fact that there's a need to have them is worrying, although, I am sure, not uncommon in big firms.

Simply Mel said...

Aren't the words Corporate and Slave one in the same?

Anait said...

Mel, same difference, you're right!