19 August, 2009

Dear University of Illinois-Chicago,

Please re-think your employee exchange program with the zoo. I have been trying for three weeks now to register for classes and I would really like to speak with a knowledgeable, trained professional. So, while I am sure that the real director of graduate admissions is serving cotton candy to greedy little children at the public zoo, he would probably be better able to answer my questions than the parrot I spoke with earlier who managed only to repeat my own questions back to me.

But, no rush. Classes start Monday and it's only my future at stake here.



Serg Riva said...

best of luck... zoo?

Anait said...

Thanks, I am going to need it BIG TIME. I might end up at the zoo myself once I lose my last shred of sanity.

a taste of madeleine said...

Oh, geez. I hope you do get this resolved. When is administration ever helpful though? argh, good luck!

Sarah Alaoui said...

LOVE the title of your blog...I have a feeling I'll en joy this one :)