26 August, 2009

Maybe I Will Run Into Tarkan?

An amazing opportunity has come up for me to do research in Instanbul, Turkey in the next year.

Only two things stand in the way:

1) I am Armenian and am slightly wary of how my research topic will be welcomed in Turkey (human rights and displacement of refugees after genocide); and

2) A research proposal is due by November 1st. That gives me two months to basically put my thesis together. Gulp.

The second I can handle, I always work best under pressure. The first, I am genuinely concerned about. I don't have any hatred towards the Turkish people as most Armenians do. However, my research is extremely controversial and I do not want to end up like Hrant Dink (although I in no way equivalate my work to his genius, Turkish nationalism is an extremely powerful force and there has been a record of discrimination and violence towards those who do not adhere to it).

What to do? What to do?


Simply Mel said...

Search deep within and follow your heart...and ask yourself will your regrets of not going forever haunt you?

a taste of madeleine said...

The dangers and risk are evident, but I think you should take this opportunity. The topic is of high importance and you will be contributing to an issue that deserves more attention from the world. Since I'm an IR person I know of the Armenian genocide and studied it first in university and then on my own as well (good chance you've read this book: Samantha Power's A Problem From Hell) but so many do not know of it or understand history. Well, analyze the risk, but I hope you will go for it. We need people like you to do research of such significance. Good luck!

JouJou Loves You said...

Okay..so I've spent a fair amount of time in Istanbul and your fears are completely valid. The government there is no joke and they will not hesitate to f*ck with you. Hell..they don't hesitate to f*ck with their own people let alone foreigners.

My ex Turkish bf had a very affluent friend there who got involved in some false scandal and it was all over the tabloids, the police and government would not leave him alone...god it was such a huge mess. I just happened to be in Istanbul when all that was going on. Whenever we were with them...we would get followed. So crazy.

A lot of people have no comprehension how dangerous foreign governments can be. (They tap phones here in Tunisia and in Turkey)

Is there any way you can keep your research under wraps?

How much of a freedom fighter do you want to be and will it be worth it?

Is the negativity of what you will have to endure going to over shadow your potentially great experience in Turkey?

Some things to think about ma belle....sorry I'm extremely overprotective of my loved ones and want you to always experience love and happiness.

204 said...

Jenovia covered all the rounds ...

Turkey IS beautiful. Risks are FUN. But your protection IS first and foremost.

Serg Riva said...

what an interesting challenge. best of luck with your decision.