22 September, 2009

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Tonight, I received the best gift possible, the encouragement to chase after my dreams....a letter from my little sister, written in the first pages of the beautiful hand-crafted journal she gave me.

To my older sister, Anait:

Way back when, when Wisconsin Dells was a big deal and making lists of what we needed to bring seven weeks in advance was a must, you were always the one who would collect the brochures, stamps and postcards from everywhere we went. I made fun of you for never being able to get rid of anything, and was so annoyed when you blasted the French music from your room. Truth is, even many years ago, your passion for foreign language and the world was evident. You knew everything—from the lyrics to the fastest and most complicated French rap songs to how to book a hotel in Vienna.

Walking into your apartment now, you’d have to be an idiot not to see all the Paris and Italy pictures posted everywhere…your room, the kitchen, the bathroom…everything from the way you decorate your room to your clothing style is unique and gives off a “whoa! Is that girl from Paris?!” kinda vibe.

Throughout these next several years, I am sure that you’ll be touring the world, visiting the most interesting places, meeting new people…including that perfect Portuguese Prince …taking billions of pictures, and having the time of your life. As you travel, I hope you’ll take this journal along and use it for anything you feel like jotting down. Put postcards in it, pictures, letters, phone numbers of cute boys, memories, feelings, drawings, anything. Write down your hopes, your dreams, all that you keep bottled inside.

I look up to you in so many ways and you’ve taught me more than you will ever know. You are intelligent, beautiful, caring, honest, trustworthy, talented and kind. I am so incredibly proud of you and hope you know that I believe in you and in all that you aspire to be. I am always here for you. Happy 23rd birthday.

Your Little Sister


Simply Mel said...

Sisters are the most beautiful gift that keeps on giving....lucky you, lucky her!

204 said...

awwww. sisterly love. I aspire to share a relationship like that when mines a little more mature. how sweet and wonderful!

Madeleine said...

She is lucky to have such a wonderful sister as you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was very touching.

Anait said...

Mel, K, Madeleine & Des, Thank you! I am indeed lucky to have her.

K, it wasn't always sisterly love!! It's only been in the past year that I've decided to let go of the past and forge a good relationship with her. Family is family, afterall.