02 September, 2009

Way No. 5,476 By Which UIC Makes My Life A Living Hell

The graduate department never bothered to grant me full approval for a class that I am enrolled in, despite numerous e-mail and phone calls on my part. This resulted in my not receiving a class e-mail from my professor which was sent on Saturday. Instead, I received said e-mail today only because I e-mailed my professor a random question and he forwarded class correspondence to me.

Said e-mail said:

Dear Students,

Your syllabus states that there is no class this Thursday. However, I have cancelled my attendance at a conference and, therefore, class will be in session.

What this e-mail translates to, for me is:

You will have to read the 150 page book by tomorrow and be prepared to answer questions about it.

What this translates to is:

Tylenol. Coffee. Falling asleep in front of the computer.

Did I mention I still have a good two hours of my day-job work to do?
So much to look forward to.

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204 said...

oh fuck yuck fuck. thats awful boobie!