10 November, 2009

What Is A Journey?

I am in love with this video for Louis Vuitton. Granted, if Life is Journey of self-discovery, I very much doubt it involves obsessing over material things but, I can't resist Sofia Coppola or her creations.

What is a journey?
It is not a trip.
It's a process. A discovery.
It's a process of self discovery.
A journey brings us face to face with ourselves.
A journey shows us not only the world,
but how we fit in it.
Does the person create the journey, or does
the journey create the person?
The journey is Life itself.
Where will Life take you?


JouJou Loves You said...

I miss you :(

Anonymous said...

Sofia Coppola is a rare talent. I'm looking forward to her film "Somewhere" which will be released next year. She wrote the screenplay and it seems like it has the same tone as "Lost in Translation" so I expect that it will be excellent.

Tya Lynn said...

I love this video also... brings out passion. thank you for posting this :)