09 May, 2010


When I graduated Uni, I dreamt of going to law school. When the time came to make the leap, I threw my letters of acceptance into the trash, vowing to move to abroad instead. While I dreamt of waking up in a charming studio near the Luxembourg gardens, application deadlines for teaching posts and graduate schools in Paris came and went. I wanted, yearned, craved Paris but, did nothing to make that yearning a reality. In my mind I was studying amongst centuries old literature in the dusty annals of the Sorbonne library. In reality, I was working a thankless job, wasting my days as a corporate slave in a city I hated though I had never explored it, surrounded by friends I deemed too shallow or naïve to appreciate my aspirations and dating men who I knew did not deserve my affections.

The fact is, I could have had anything I wanted. I could have lived in Paris, I could have excelled in law school. I put all my dreams on such a high pedestal that they remained just dreams, trophies of what I could accomplish. Meanwhile, my real life passed me by.

That’s the thing about dreams. It is imperative to have them but, dangerous to be consumed by them. I am glad I did not move to Paris or, go to law school. And, in any case, there will always be time for both. Neither were meant to be just yet…I know now what I truly want in life and what is important.

I am still a dreamer. The difference is, I live my life in the present now, working towards dreams of the future, rather than simply dreaming of the future.

And I have one person to thank for that. He is my biggest dream come true.

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Anonymous said...

i like the way you write, the topics you talk about and the reflections you propose. Everething in a verry poetic and subtle way. also i think the conclusion you get in this post is similar to the one i get i one of my posts, about the dreams, the road in life, choises we make, etc.