02 June, 2010

Be Still, My Heart

Whoever said love hurts was right. Eights months in a long distance relationship hurts----almost unbearably. Each month, we see each other for a few days. A few unbelievable, magical days, which end in tearful farewells at bustling airports. It's a vicious cycle of paradise lost and then, found. From joy at being able to feel him again, to heartbreak at having to leave.

But, whoever said all good things come at a price was right, as well. The price is steep but the reward, priceless.

In just a few days, we'll be together again. I'll lay my head on his shoulder and my world will be whole. Then, another farewell at the airport and, i'll be on my way to London for a few days and then, Armenia for two weeks to visit family.

There is so much to look forward to and I am so happy. So, so happy.


Just said...

It's so hard, but they are worth it. I was in a long distance relationship for a year. We met at university as undergraduates, then did postgraduate courses in different places for a year. We live together now though, and I think the distance is a test which makes good bonds stronger.

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Anonymous said...

Long distance relationships are challenging but definitely worth it. If you care for someone, it doesn't matter how far away you are from them. I'm glad to read that you are happy. Take care.

joven said...

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Elbriga said...

So rights words...
but,always be strong!!!