27 July, 2010

Back from Far, Far Away

I'm back from my London/Armenia trip.....and what a whirlwind it was! Actually, I've been back for a few weeks now, but have been so busy moving house, catching up with friends and taking care of all that mundane, day to day muck, I haven't had the energy to post.

London was absolutely phenomenal. What a mish-mash of culture. I was head over heels the moment I walked into a newspaper shop and the owner greeted me with "ello luv". Nevermind that the owner was miles and miles away from resembling Captain Jack Sparrow--even if it had been a monkey greeting me, I would swoon.

But London was no match for the warmth, the peace and the absolute incredible feeling of home I felt in Armenia. We spent most of the time in the village where my father was born, then drove to the capital, Erevan, for a few days. Unlike last time, where we spent 99% of our time being ushered from one relative's table to another, this time we were able to take a few days to see the sights of Armenia.....and can I just say, I felt like I spent the entire time holding my breath, afraid that if I took a breath or closed my eyes for a minute the amazing scenery and the even more amazing people that surrounded me would dissapear.

I'll elaborate more later, but for now, a few pictures that, although they do not come close to capturing what it felt like to be there, can at least show you the beauty of the country whose history runs through my veins.

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Elbriga said...

...can i write in Italian?
Ok , let me know if you don't understand...ok?
Mi รจ piaciuto tantissimo il tuo blog e volevo dirti che mi farebbe tanto piacere avere a che fare,anche tramite mail,con una persona che viaggia tanto come te.
Anche io amo viaggiare,e se ti serve compagnia,non esitare a chiedere.
Ricordati,sono un pellegrino anche io!