30 July, 2010

Today's Headlines - BBC News

I feel like an old woman saying this, but what is the world coming to?!

French mother 'relieved by truth'
A French mother who admitted killing eight of her newborn babies is relieved that her secret is finally out in the open, her lawyer says.

Sex tourism boom
A BBC investigation has highlighted the extent of child prostitution and sex tourism in Brazil.

Tokyo's 'oldest man' was a corpse
The skeleton of a man previously thought to be Tokyo's oldest living male resident has been discovered in his family home.

Naked woman hurt in roof fall
A naked woman is injured after falling through a building roof in Aberdeen (UK) city centre.

Sarkozy threat on police attacks
President Nicolas Sarkozy says he would like to strip French nationality from anyone of foreign origin who threatened the life of a police officer.

Italian's hidden assets uncovered
About $20,000 in hidden cash is recovered from an Italian man's underwear as he is about to fly out from Belfast International Airport.

Naked trampoline man avoids jail sentence
(no caption provided.....presumably the title says it all)

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