13 October, 2010

Goodbye Cruel World

A few days ago, I had an event at school called "Tea Time", for which I borrowed by parents' super-fancy bought in Japan water heater. I've forgotten to bring it home the past few days, but it has been locked in my office so I wasn't worried. Until today.

Today I made myself multiple reminders to bring it home. I got it as far as the train station where I left it by the cashier stand as I was buying a magazine (I just wanted to know The Touch Men Crave...okay?!). And I didn't realize this until I got off the train at my station and noticed something was missing.

And so, for the past hour I have been calling all possible phone numbers with no luck. It's after hours and no one is answering. I even called Amtrak Police with no answer (which should be cause for concern in and of itself). And OF COURSE Union Station has an online directory of all the stores on its premises and OF COURSE the only store that does not have a number listed is the one I left it at.

It doesn't help that my parents decided to grill me as soon as I got home about why I haven't brought it back home yet. I'm waking up at the crack of dawn so I can get to Union and harass everyone as soon as they open.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GOD, let someone turn it in to the lost and found. PLEASE! I will never use your name in vain again.

I'm too young to be buried in the backyard.

(I also just realized the irony of the below post. Lost. Found. CAZZO!!!)

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