24 October, 2010

Trinkets and Memories

My mom is always commenting on the amount of trinkets I have in my room (too many, she says). And maybe she's right (isn't she always?) but, now that I've moved back in with my parents (not for long...) I only have my room in which to display the things I love. Yes, my tabletops and bookshelf are slightly crowded but each little trinket has huge meaning to me and sometimes, when I'm having a bad day or avoiding homework (like, say, now) I'll spend a few minutes looking through all the little boxes and photos and journals and lose myself in memories. What's the use of mementos if they're stored away in a box, under the bed?

A picture of my parents and my grandfather in Armenia, when they were all young. And stationary that not only has my favorite fleur de lys on it but also an inspirational message and a reminder of my love, who bought it for me.

My favorite cross, photobooth photos (I'm obsessed!), postcards from friends around the world, old photos and my first ever Valentine's Day card.

Foreign language books and dictionaries, one-year anniversary card, and ceramic turtles from Latvia, where I was born.

This used to be our living room table. When we first moved to Chicago, we bought most of our furniture from garage sales. These tables came with beautiful gold toned sofas (which have been thrown out) and armchairs (which I rescued for my reading nook). Instead of buying a dresser, I salvaged these from my parents' basement.

A hand painted ceramic mask from Venice, where I went a few years ago with my cousin. Every time I look at it I remember how we stuffed our maps into our purses (after an hour of trying to find a specific restaurant) and decided to experience Venezia in the best way possible....by getting lost.

Perfume. I absolutely love fragrance. One spritz can transform and outfit and make you feel more confident or, sultry, or feminine. And I can't part with them once they're empty. The bottles themselves are so beautiful.

An Hermes soap box from a hotel in Rome, converted into a mini jewelry holder. And bracelets/earrings from my cousin in Australia (love the heart etched on the inside).

Pomegranates from Armenia (national symbol), photo of my sisters and cousins, taken in Armenia and a small ivory elephant a friend brought back from India.


Magdalena said...

You have fantastic things in your room--I love that it's very clearly YOU and shows your loves/inspirations.

Anait said...

Thank you, Magdalena!! I can't wait to have a place of my own so I can distribute them everywhere :)