24 November, 2010

Letter to the ex Prince Charming

Dear Prince Charming:

I use your nickname with irony now, as you were certainly not my prince and, if I look back, not entirely charming either. I met you during my first trip to the city I had loved for years. In the midst of my excitement and floating on cloud nine, there you were. Instantly, you were swept into that whirling sphere of time when Paris represented the future to me. You were a physical embodiment of those unexplainable emotions I felt when I walked through St. Denis. When you wrapped your arms around me, I felt the city envelop me, too.

I didn't feel butterflies when you kissed me, and you were never very affectionate. But I put any concerns aside because you were a package deal, you and Paris. But when I could no longer deny the fact that, like two mismatched puzzle pieces, we simply didn't fit, I let you go and realized that I could still keep Paris.

And I also realized what I really wanted in life. And when I got back to Chicago, I realized who I really wanted was right in front of me.

And so, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, thank you. Thank you for being, for giving me a glimpse of what I thought I wanted, so I could realize what it was that I truly wanted. Had I not met you, I would probably still be chasing a distant dream, not realizing that it was already within my grasp.


Magdalena said...

This is why we need to be with the 'wrong' ones sometimes to know who the right ones are for us.
Glad you found it :)

Anait said...

Thank you Magdalena, I am glad too :)