08 November, 2010

Letter to My Best Friend

We've known each other for 24 years….it seems so surreal. How many 24 year olds can say they’ve known their best friend for 24 years? When we were little we fought over that purse I wouldn’t share with you, or your hairband that I wasn’t allowed to touch. When we both moved to different continents, we sent letters, each eager to impart more succulent secrets than the other. Miraculously, we found ourselves in the same city as teenagers. We fought over boys, bonded over strict parents, and dreamt of college in Hawaii or Europe. Granted, we settled with school stateside but, managed to infuse a large dose of international flavor into our education with hours and hours spent in Greektown or Italian Village, rather than class.

Sitting in a Greek Café, I daydreamed aloud about going to Europe. Without missing a beat, you said “let’s go!”. Within a few months, tickets were booked, hotels reserved, and a mountain of memories was on its way. Though I have had, and will have, many more trips to Europe, nothing can overshadow those summer weeks spent hopping from plane to plane, from city to city. Remember alternatively falling asleep and giggling hysterically at the airport in Spain? That loco night at Razmatazz? Meeting our supposedly attractive tour guides in Barcelona? Hair dryer mishaps in Paris? Nights spent eating delicious seafood in Positano as the waves crashed just feet away from us? Last night your parents came over for dinner, and your dad and mine rambled for almost an hour about their trip to Italy…20 years ago. It’s reassuring to know that 20 years from now, that will be us – sitting around a table with our families, telling stories from our “crazy youth” while our kids and husbands roll their eyes and say “there they go again”.

Our friendship started as a necessity. Our parents were best friends so we were naturally expected to bond. Over time, through distance, arguments and many incredible memories, we’ve become friends and, even family, by choice. Our friendship is forever, and that’s the best kind.



Anonymous said...

wau, que increíble como tu amistad se parece mucho a la mía con mi mejor amiga. Nuestros padres son amigos desde hace muchos años y ella y yo nos conocemos hace 19 años (ella tiene 19 y yo 20). =)

Cada vez me provoca más hacer el reto.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! Thank you :)
It brought back of our fun, crazy and unforgettable memories from our Euro Trip, our college days and Oak Park.

I love you and miss you so much! Come and visit!

Now that you made it official I can sign...Your Cuz :)