14 November, 2010

Letter to My Dreams

Dear Dreams:

There sure are a lot of you inside me -- my heart and mind are constantly enveloped in a swirl of possibilities.

The incredible, amazing news is that the most important one of you has been achieved - I've found true love.

Now I wait (not so patiently) for all the others --

A cozy apartment where I wake up every morning to his sleepy kisses, of spontaneous trips, of decorating Christmas trees together. Of getting married, having a boy and a girl who have his kind eyes and generous soul, growing old together, of a lifetime of shared memories.

A career where I feel both fulfilled and know that I am making a difference. A life full of love, family, adventure and passion.

Though it seems far away now, I dream of living in Europe. I remind myself that true love encompasses all dreams, so anything is possible.

Yes, dreams, you have changed over the years. And some of you will remain as you are, just dreams. The time for certain things has come and gone. But that is okay, because sometimes, reality is better than anything I could dream of.

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