10 November, 2010

Letter to My Parents

Dear Parents:

You probably don't realize how much I appreciate you, but I do, and I've written so before.

But I think we would all agree that we are all waiting until I move out. By this age, I've developed a set of ideals and standards that do not often meet with yours. And that's okay, because we are products of different generations, of different cultures. We are the way we are, just because.

It will be easier for all of us to accept this when those ideals are not always clashing over the same roof.

Until then, I noticed you two have started gin-tonic date nights - maybe I will smuggle a bottle of wine into my room and have a date night with myself (if only I could sneak my boyfriend in, too(see: ideals)).

Love you.

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Kayla said...

This letter is so great. I wrote a letter to my mom not long ago. She seemed to appreciate it even though I was sarcastic and silly!

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