06 November, 2010

Procrastination 101

Things I have done so as to avoid writing the multitude of papers that are due by the end of the semester (which is THREE weeks away?!!)

laundry (technically needed to be done....but technically did not have to go to the store to buy MORE detergent when current bottle is half full)

reading (not related to paper writing)

caught up with favorite TV shows online (very important)

sorted box of old treasures (letters, mementos, etc.)

read blogs

read more blogs

painted nails (and was reminded of why I let the professionals do it)

looked up possible hairstyles (bangs? highlights?)

bubble bath (to reward myself after all hard work)

Which is why, at 9:20 PM I found myself surrounded with reading material (paper related, this time), pens, highlighters, raspberry tea and a promise to self never to procrastinate again.

And I thought to myself, one quick blog post and THEN I'll start studying.


Magdalena said...

haha, the ending made me laugh 'just do ONE more thing'. I feel you. I am currently writing a paper as well. (See how well I am writing it?--by reading your blog)

Good luck!

Anait said...

It takes one to know one :) Good luck with your paper, Magdalena!!