09 December, 2010


Four papers done, one to go. I've already crawled under the blankets, and the candle next to my bed is slowly spreading a warm vanilla scent through my room. I'm going to watch old episodes of The Hills (don't judge....after a combined 80 pages of bi-variate regression, conflict analysis, state-building and genocide, I need mindless programming to slow my mind down). I'm so, so tired but it feels good.

Sidenote: I discovered this incredible Polaroid application via Jenni's blog (ahhhhmazing blog, go and read it now!) and have been obsessively converting my photographs to Polaroids since. As if I needed more ways to procrastinate.


Magdalena said...

I also love the Poladroid program! Your photos came out so pretty :)
Good luck with the rest of your semester. I'm reaching the end as well (sooo close!)
and I agree with you on the mindless television.

Anait said...

Thank you, Magdalena! Hope your semester ends well!

Jenni said...

Thanks for the shoutout!! :) I love Poladroid too, but it is has soo many bugs!! And whoever created it clearly doesnt speak English! Ha! But it makes for awesome pictures!