04 January, 2011

Improvements, Step I

Today I took a step towards one of my 2011 resolutions: to make my blog better! As you may have noticed, I added "tabs" under my header. Granted, it's a small step, and they aren't really tabs but rather page links. Regardless, it took me about an hour to figure out the html coding and all that technical stuff, so I'm embarrassingly proud of myself. All you blog experts with nice, elegant pages are probably scoffing at me but, hey, at least it's a start!

Now that I've made the tabs, my initial bout of energy is gone and I'm putting off writing the content until later (most likely when school starts and I need methods of procrastination.).

Now, if only I could get started on my #1 resolution: exercise!


Everything and Anything said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Great, you are diving into your January resolutions. On my side, there are changes occuring so let see how January goes. All the best for this new year and lots of blessings!!!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

That's great that you have started on resolutions already! You should be proud, that kind of thing is hard to do! I certainly have NO idea :p

Michelle said...

I love making little changes to my blog! And your tabs look great!

Styles 'n Cream said...

Great job on the tabs. Looks good and good luck with Goal #1 - Exercise. I keep postponing that one too ...

Sonja said...

Ahhh these tabs are such a tease! hehe I want to read what's in them! They look goooood though!
I suck at keeping resolutions, instead of exercising I decided to eat cake for breakfast today haha.
It's great meeting ya! (well, blog meeting :o)

burcu d. said...

happy new year! your tabs look great!

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Meghan said...

love the tabs -- and you should be proud! I've been meaning to make my blog a bit prettier but just can't seem to find the time/figure it out.

Good luck on the exercise!

Paislea Elyse said...

yay!!!! i love the new changes! they're amazing!! you did such good work!!

i just want to let you know love that i work at a company that builds sites so if you ever get stumped or need some help please email me.

i sit at my desk all day long everyday and would be more than happy to help! i love it! i'm a computer geek! haha.

keep up the good work on your goals!!


Diana Mieczan said...

Well done,sweetie. The tabs looks great and good luck on your goal nr.1:) Hugs and kisses

Ps: I am hosting a great home decor GIVEAWAY today, so please join in :)

Anait said...

Thank you, everyone! You are all way too nice and I feel my head getting larger and larger ;)