22 March, 2011

7 Things

Two lovely ladies who inspire me daily - Gillian and Magdalena - shared a blog award with me. So, here are 7 things about me...

1. When I was little we lived for a brief time in Oklahoma. One day, we went to the state fair and my dad convinced me to go on my first roller coaster. I was beyond terrified and started crying the minute the harness lowered over my lap. After a traumatic two minute ride, I vowed never to go on a roller coaster again. The next day, on the news, there was a feature about the same roller coaster, which had fallen off the rails and injured/killed several people. Needless to say, I've kept my vow and haven't been on a roller coaster since.

2. My biggest fear is dying. If I let myself think about it, it can take over my thoughts for an hour, a day, a week, even a month. When I was younger, I went through a period where I was terrified of dying in my sleep, so i would stay awake for nights on end.

3. I am obsessed with snail mail. I love sending and receiving mail. I love stationary, have an obsession with gel pens and cute stamps. Anyone want to be pen-pals?

4. I speak a few languages (Armenian and Russian are my native tongues, I learned English and French when we lived in Montreal, Spanish in high school, and I've dabbled in Italian and Portuguese, though I don't speak them fluently).

5. I am a voracious reader. I am that Girl Who Reads. My two favorites are Anna Karenina and Wuthering Heights, though I will read anything that is not science fiction. I will never buy an e-reader - reading is an experience - the smell of old pages, book bindings, special bookmarks to save a spot. Add a cup of tea and you've lost me for a few hours!

6. I love both tea and coffee, though neither has an effect on me in terms of caffeine. I can drink a double shot espresso and fall asleep immediately afterwards.

7. I have vivid memories from when I was very young, younger than 4 years old. I remember my grandfather's sloppy kisses, the park in front of our first apartment, being dropped off at daycare.....but more than that, I remember how I felt at a particular moment. If I close my eyes, I remember a warm spring day, skipping behind my mother and her friend as they waked me to school, feeling grown-up and trying to listen-in on their conversation. It is mind boggling to think that that little girl is me, now. And how, deep inside, I haven't changed all that much.

Now, time to pass on the award.

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17 March, 2011

It Feels Like...


I stepped outside to check the mail and was hit with a warm gust of air. I ran back inside to check the thermometer....66 degrees! Could it be? Is spring finally here?

Can I bring out my flats, airy dresses and trench-coat?

Will I be picking flowers from the garden soon?

I love that short time in between winter and spring, when the air blows warm yet slightly cool through open windows, when birds sing, the days are longer and everything is imbued with an incredible lightness.

My love is driving back from NY as I write this, on his way to me. This is going to be a perfect spring, I can feel it.

13 March, 2011



Like other irresistible urges, wanderlust begins innocently enough, touched off by a late-night conversation, a good book, too much National Geographic. The desire builds. You gingerly peruse the air-fares in the Sunday paper. More desire. You fondle postcards of cozy-looking Parisian cafes with steamed-up windows. Yet more desire. You are mesmerized by the lush mountains and misty temples on faded posters in Thai restaurants. You find yourself in the travel section of bookstores and spend way too much time at travelocity.com. You wonder if it’s really necessary to have a job. It will only get worse.

Wanderlust takes many forms. For some, even those who’ve never been on a boat, the sea may suddenly beckon. Tahiti has been known to lure many a non-sailor into a vessel bound for the South Pacific. Others will long to stroll the narrow streets of Florence or play chess in the cafes of Prague.Some will crave the snows of the Himalayas, others the beaches of Mexico. Before long a chant of exotic places drums in your ears, murmuring Cuba, Barcelona, Berlin, San Francisco; Mexico, Montana, Hawaii, Nicaragua; Indonesia, Paris, Dublin. On and on, the planet sings an endless song for the imagination. Eventually the desire to escape familiar surroundings overtakes the need for the comforts of home and you are on your way.


11 March, 2011


I've had a horrible day today and have spent most of it disgruntled and frustrated.

But just now I stopped to check the live coverage of the unfathomable tragedy in Japan, and felt ashamed for pitying myself.

Our lives are so fragile. Everything we own, those we love, even our life - everything can be gone, swept away in a moment as easily as those huge waves swept away homes, factories and everything else.

Life is too short to be ungrateful. In moments of great tragedy, even in small moments of despair in our personal lives, we must remember that this life is fragile.

We must nurture and hold on to everything that matters to us, so when faced with challenges we have hope, love and courage on reserve.

07 March, 2011

I'm Going To....

New York City!


I'm attending a conference in Newark at the end of March, but I'll be staying in NYC and plan on getting a little sightseeing done in my spare time. I've been once, for just a day, this past April when my love and I explored Times Square and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (which warrants a visit all of its own). On my list this time is Central Park and the Statue of Liberty (cliche, yes, but with limited time, I want to see the big things, and explore little neighborhoods later).

Any suggestions on where/what to eat/explore in Manhattan?

05 March, 2011

Kitchen Decor

Thank you all for your comments on my last post, they brightened my day (along with some emergency chocolate and white chocolate mochas).

I've been keeping myself busy (not difficult, considering the obnoxious amount of work I have for school). So for now, I'll leave you with some kitchen decor photos I've collected over the past few months (unfortunately I haven't kept track of sources as they are all jumbled in one big "inspiration" folder). I think I'd call my style "french-country rustic chic". I love stone tiles, and a neutral color scheme with splashes of color.

Happy Weekend!

02 March, 2011


(image via weheartit)

"If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger: I should not seem a part of it."

- Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights, Ch. 9

My love is in NY for the next few weeks, tying up some loose ends (anyone interested in buying a house in upstate NY?). I miss him. A lot. So much so that it hurts.