22 March, 2011

7 Things

Two lovely ladies who inspire me daily - Gillian and Magdalena - shared a blog award with me. So, here are 7 things about me...

1. When I was little we lived for a brief time in Oklahoma. One day, we went to the state fair and my dad convinced me to go on my first roller coaster. I was beyond terrified and started crying the minute the harness lowered over my lap. After a traumatic two minute ride, I vowed never to go on a roller coaster again. The next day, on the news, there was a feature about the same roller coaster, which had fallen off the rails and injured/killed several people. Needless to say, I've kept my vow and haven't been on a roller coaster since.

2. My biggest fear is dying. If I let myself think about it, it can take over my thoughts for an hour, a day, a week, even a month. When I was younger, I went through a period where I was terrified of dying in my sleep, so i would stay awake for nights on end.

3. I am obsessed with snail mail. I love sending and receiving mail. I love stationary, have an obsession with gel pens and cute stamps. Anyone want to be pen-pals?

4. I speak a few languages (Armenian and Russian are my native tongues, I learned English and French when we lived in Montreal, Spanish in high school, and I've dabbled in Italian and Portuguese, though I don't speak them fluently).

5. I am a voracious reader. I am that Girl Who Reads. My two favorites are Anna Karenina and Wuthering Heights, though I will read anything that is not science fiction. I will never buy an e-reader - reading is an experience - the smell of old pages, book bindings, special bookmarks to save a spot. Add a cup of tea and you've lost me for a few hours!

6. I love both tea and coffee, though neither has an effect on me in terms of caffeine. I can drink a double shot espresso and fall asleep immediately afterwards.

7. I have vivid memories from when I was very young, younger than 4 years old. I remember my grandfather's sloppy kisses, the park in front of our first apartment, being dropped off at daycare.....but more than that, I remember how I felt at a particular moment. If I close my eyes, I remember a warm spring day, skipping behind my mother and her friend as they waked me to school, feeling grown-up and trying to listen-in on their conversation. It is mind boggling to think that that little girl is me, now. And how, deep inside, I haven't changed all that much.

Now, time to pass on the award.

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stephanie said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I love these things you shared. Definitely understandable about the roller coaster!

And I totally agree with you about books - something so special and almost nostalgic about a weathered book and curling up to get lost in it. I also loved Anna Karenina! So glad I found your blog!

Sienna said...

oh!! you are so sweet! thank you! i'm in the midst of chaotically (and last minute-ly) preparing for a trip to egypt on sunday, but i will most definitely repost when i return!!

LatteLisa said...

I'm with you on roller coasters; I stay far away from those! And I'm with you on books, love books; I could spend the entire day in a book shop.

Thank you so much for the award. I would like to tell you the same as I tell everyone who has given me an award: I never blog about them but I do appreciate them.

Have a wonderful day ;-)

jillian m. said...

i totally agree with you about never getting an e-reader. sure, it's probably easier and more compact, but there's nothing like the feel of a book in your hands and turning the pages. plus, i love the way books look on shelves. it makes me think "library". and i love the library!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is so like me! I can drink as much coffee as I want and I will sleep like a baby. Congrats on the award, sweetie

Ps: Hope you had a chance to enter my GIVEAWAY! You can win 5 cool art posters!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Oh thank you so much for this!

I love your seven facts :) I love Anna Karenina, it's one of my favourites! Have you read Les Miserable? It is amazing too!

And that's so cool that you remember stuff from before you were four, I wish I did!

Sheridan French said...

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write such a sweet comment on my giveaway :) Really thoughtful of you!! xoxo

Claire said...

I came over here from Magdalena's blog (isn't she amazing?) I haven't redeemed my award yet, but I am inspired by your sharing, so maybe I'll manage it today.

As for the roller coaster- well, trust that intuition, girl. What a terrifying experience it must have been to learn that is had killed people. Dying for a thrill, how strange.

Oh, I'm that girl who reads, too. There would be some kind of group meetup for us, except we'd all stay home and read instead :)

I'll be following your blog now, you have such an interesting way of expressing your experience of the world.

Is it spring where you are?

Sonja said...

Awww Thanks so much!!!
Definitely re-inspired me! :o)
Also ...holy smokes! Crazy rollercoaster story! (your 7 are much more entertaining than mine haha, I just wrote what popped into my head)
have a great weekend!!!

Helen said...

Thanks so much Anait! I will definitely post my very own list in a few days. You're so sweet :)

magdalena viktoria said...

Oooh, I'm like you in so many points!

It's always nice to learn more about you :)

Miyan said...

love this post! let's be pen pals :) i adore snail mail as well!!!!! and that is the freakiest thing about the roller coaster!!!!