10 April, 2011

I Am Alive, I Believe in Everything

Self. Brotherhood. God. Zeus. Communism.
Capitalism. Buddha. Vinyl records.
Baseball. Ink. Trees. Cures for disease.
Saltwater. Literature. Walking. Waking.
Arguments. Decisions. Ambiguity. Absolutes.
Presence. Absence. Positive and Negative.
Empathy. Apathy. Sympathy and entropy.
Verbs are necessary. So are nouns.
Empty skies. Dark vacuums of night.
Visions. Revisions. Innocence.
I've seen All the empty spaces yet to be filled.
I've heard All of the sounds that will collect
at the end of the world.
And the silence that follows.

I'm alive, I believe in everything
I'm alive, I believe in it all.

Waves lapping on the shore.
Skies on fire at sunset.
Old men dancing on the streets.
Paradox and possibility.
Sense and sensibility.
Cold logic and half truth.
Final steps and first impressions.
Fools and fine intelligence.
Chaos and clean horizons.
Vague notions and concrete certainty.
Optimism in the face of adversity.

I'm alive, I believe in everything
I'm alive, I believe in it all.

(by Lesley Choyce)


Emily said...

Love this sentiment! So inspiring!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

This is absolutely beautiful

Morgane said...

i do love your blog !
I'm a french lady and love to discovering new blog : feel free to visit mine!

magdalena viktoria said...

I'm alive... like this a lot!!

Sienna said...

this is so inspirational, love it. and god i know right, i LOVE the amalfi coast!! never been to ravello but i adore positano

Anonymous said...

I know you know right, life is good ;)

LatteLisa said...

I definitely would like to read more by this guy!

Claire said...

I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing it. There's a Leonard Cohen song sung by Buffy St. Marie that It reminds me of- I'll put it up on my page (the lyrics are really long, otherwise I'd put them here.

I love the affirmation of life in this poem. There's a fierce dedication to life in the words.
Happy Spring!