13 April, 2011


Or, How to Motivate Yourself to Write Papers When Sick.

"I'll write three more pages and then I can take a nap"

"Just one more page and I'll go downstairs for a (20th) cup of tea"

And when just the thought of drinking one more cup of tea, taking one more nap, and writing one more page make your throat ache more, you decide to get some fresh air. Only to realize that walking up and down stairs makes you feel like you've run a marathon.

Back to napping.


Helen said...

omg I have experienced all of these!!! I think the only way to really not sleep until oblivion is to have someone else drag you up -- alarms will not work!

Thanks so much for your rec for Paris! We didn't end up making it to Le Relais Gascon, but we did spend some time in Montmartre, which was beautiful :)

Grace said...

Naps are one of the best motivation tools, especially when you're sick! That's pretty much how I've been getting through today (although I probably shouldn't have been napping in class!). Here's hoping we both get better soon!

LatteLisa said...

get well soon!

magdalena viktoria said...

dearie, hope you get better soon! xx
Motivation is hard to find sometimes even when you're not sick.

Allison said...

Naps are maybe one of the most beautiful things ever created.
Darling, I hope that you are having lots of time for rest and fun -- get well ASAP, pretty girl! xox

Kayla said...

This sounded like me in college. I've only been out for a year and truth be told... I kinda miss it. Also love your profile description of yourself. Describes me to a T!

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