07 April, 2011

NYC Surprise

My second day in NYC started bright and early with a "day-trip" to Rutgers University in Newark, NJ for my first conference. I was so impressed with the trains to and from Penn Station -- clean, spacious and efficient (at least by Chicago standards). I was less impressed with Newark. At the risk of offending any Newark residents reading this blog, the part of the city I saw can be summarized in two words: garbage and graffiti. The conference, however, was incredible, and I managed to capture a few glimpses of charm amongst the trash that littered the sidewalks.

After the conference, I head back to Manhattan for the best part of the trip - my love, waiting for me at the Paramount Hotel. He never fails to surprise me (love you, baby!). Right in the middle of Times Square, the hotel is majestic, the interior beautiful and the customer service stellar. We were initially in a small room with a King bed. It was a beautiful room, but a few technical difficulties and a call to the hotel manager later, we were upgraded to a suite with a separate bedroom, two bathrooms and a living room.

After settling into the room, we headed out to B.B. King's to watch some live boxing. It was exhilirating (also, a tip: single ladies, head to a boxing match...it is 99% men) and afterwards we headed to a nearby restaurant and indulged in huge portions (both of food and drinks!).

The best part of the day was walking to our hotel after dinner, knowing that the night, and the next day, were ours.


magdalena viktoria said...

I'm glad you're enjoying NYC and your love! xx
Newark is a difficult place, I know, but good to hear the conference went well.

Sienna said...

aww how sweet! i'm glad you enjoyed it and that hotel looks awesome!!!

LatteLisa said...

sounds fabulous ... I've never been at a boxing match!

JouJou Loves You said...

I looooove the hotel room!!!

Upgrade to suite?! SCORE!!! I bet you had an incredible time with your love!!!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

goodness. i say this all the time but...i have to go to new york!