31 May, 2011

Rome Cavalieri Hilton

A while back, I started reviewing some of the more memorable hotels I've stayed at during my travels....and now that I'm craving travel, I'm resuming my reviews!

Whilst in Rome, we stayed at the Cavalieri Hilton. We didn't really research its location, otherwise we would most likely have picked a different location as this one required rather lengthy (and expensive) cab rides to anyplace in Rome and the Vatican.

However, our gorgeous room, the service and the beauty of the grounds more than made up for an inconveniences. The beds were the. most. comfortable. ever! Sheets so soft, and pillows so fluffy, I literally melted into my bed each night....and even the thought of exploring glorious Rome was barely enough to entice me to leave that bed.

When I am rich, I will buy my sheets and pillows (do they sell mattresses, too?) from the Hilton.


jillian m. said...

Sounds luxurious. And the room is so cozy and gorgeous. I'm seriously dying to visit Rome!

Magdalena Viktoria said...

ohh, I like these reviews! I think you should continue with them, and I really like seeing where you've stayed during your travels.
The views are so lovely from this hotel!

p.s. do you have a recommendation for Madrid--a place I have to see with my mom?

Anonymous said...


And now I want to visit Rome again. I cannot remember where I stayed when I was there, but I remember it being nice too ;-)

Diana Mieczan said...

That room looks so amazing and I cant wait to visit Rome again:) Kisses, darling

Petite Voyageur said...

rome is amazing! i ahvent tried this hotel yet, but it looks nice!! you look adorable too

wilybrunette said...

ha ha!! it looks absolutely, utterly divine.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

It looks and sounds just amazing!