14 July, 2011

Le Quatorze Juillet

I didn't write a post for the Fourth of July, but I waited all day for midnight to arrive so I could publish this Bastille Day post. If you've read this blog for any period of time, you shouldn't be surprised :)

Oh Paris, how I miss you. Your cobblestone streets, quarters full of mirth and amusement, hidden streets, cafes. Your people - the street vendors, the bouquinistes along the Seines, the bakers, the waiters, the charming cafe owners who prolong bringing the check because "c'est dommage de laisser partir une si jolie fille".

Believe it or not, each time I've been to Paris I haven't taken many photos. The minute I step out into the city, I feel....at home. I don't have a compulsive need to photograph everything, but rather, to feel the moment, to absorb the city, to feel it flow through my veins like the wine I drink sitting on the sidewalk's edge along the Seine.

But one of the things I miss the most is the language. I miss speaking French, hearing it around me. I miss grabbing a Madame Figaro at the newstand, or reading Le Figaro at breakfast like a good Parisian.

I cannot wait for the day that I can take my love to Paris. My two favorites in life....I'm afraid I'll have to "lose" my passport and stay forever.

Soon, soon...I'll be back, Paris.


Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

i also have very few photos of France. having said that, i'm pretty bad at photos when travelling.

happy le quatorze juillet!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear ... my heart is aching when I see this.

Can I come with you and lose my passport too? Maybe there's a blogger's asylum somewhere in Paris!

jillian m. said...

I've never been, but I'm dreaming of the day when I get to visit! Do you speak the language very fluently? Would you say that one would need to learn the language before they visit? I took French in college, but I've only retained about 2.5% of what I learned!

Petite Voyageur said...

yay! happy bastille day !!!!! you will get back to paris soon, but i know the feeling, im gonna try and sneak away there like, once a month. even for the day! its so magical.

Bree said...

These pictures make me want to go there more than I already do! The way you describe your love for it is how I feel about NYC..feels home to me.

Miyan said...

i love paris too; its just so magical. your summer salad sounds so yummy, i will have to try it! your letter is on its way, pen pal :)



Tori said...

Such a cute post :)I'm going to England in August and I'm dying to try and escape to Paris for a weekend...I'll be sure to post lots of photos for you if I do!

Thank you for my comment! I really appreciate it :)


Jessi @ Life: The Epic Journey said...

I just started reading your blog, it's beautiful!

I feel the same about Paris, I have very few pictures, it is just to special to be captured by a camera. So why waste time?