21 August, 2011

Nine Loves

1. Airports. Because I know when I'm in one, I'm going somewhere. The exception was when my love was living in New York, and airports were the site of tearful goodbyes.

2. Tea. Particularly of the mint variety. And especially Moroccan Mint Tea.

3. Painting. I used to paint quite often and now, when I convince myself to sit in front of the easel and take out my oils, I can get lost for an entire day.

4. Macaroons. Need I say more?

5. The line where the sea/ocean/any body of water meets the horizon. Absolute magic.

6. Autumn. I love crisp, cool breezes, the changing colors, mugs of warm coffee and tea.

7. Cuddling. There are days when I'll attach myself to my love and I won't let go. We'll walk from one room to another, attached to each other......thankfully, he finds it endearing. And somehow my body just melds perfectly into his.

8. Candles. There is no easier way to add warmth, sensuality and romance to a room. Have you every tried a candle lit shower? You'll be amazed at how soothing it is. Have one in the middle of the day to recharge.

9. Brown paper packages tied up with string. I ordered a huge roll of brown wrapping paper and have been obsessed with wrapping things. Combine this with my love of buying and giving gifts...and you'll see why my bank account is in peril.

And now, I'm off to cuddle. Hope you had a lovely weekend!



Alissa said...

Great list and I'm so envious you get to cuddle with your love (fiance!) tonight. Enjoy! :)

Miyan said...

love this! glad you also took this challenge, it was fun, even though i drug mine out for a month ! ha! but....did i miss your 10 secrets ?
and did my letter ever reach you ?



Sienna said...

i love all of these, but especially the macarons. when eaten in paris of course

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Wonderful list! I feel the same way about all of these, except for macaroons and that is because I have never tried one. It's fantastic that you can spend a whole day painting, how creative!

Also your ring is absolutely beautiful by the way :)

Anonymous said...

Love this, so much fun to learn more about you. I had no idea you painted!

The macaroons ... not surprising at all!

PS. I'll steal a penguin for you at the zoo, just give me a few days ;-)

amy b.s. said...

this is so cool! love your loves!

Allison said...

I adore everything about this post - I love all the pictures, I love how you love things that I wouldn't have thought to write about, but that I adore as well!
You're such a sweet person - and this was an absolutely beautiful post. Enjoy your cuddling (I'm jealous!). xox

Katie said...

So cute I love this :) I think airports are the most exciting place to be! xo

Taylor said...

Agree with everything, except painting unfortunately I'm no artist.

I want to be in an airport right now.