27 September, 2011

Scenes from a Birthday Week/Weekend

1. Birthday cake deliciousness


3. A beautifully wrapped present from my love.

4. And a wax-sealed card.

5. Birthday ice cream.

6. One of my favorite dishes: chicken marsala.

7. A beautiful sky.

8. Pay-Attention-To-Me-It's-My-Birthday Nails ;)

9. This german chocolate cake was left on my desk, along with a sweet note, by my amazing office-mate. Put a huge smile on my face when I saw it as soon as I walked into my office.

10. My yearly birthday gift from Sephora...a heavenly way to start a birthday...or any day, for that matter!
And last but not least, I cannot thank all of you enough for your kind birthday wishes and comments! You truly added another layer of decadence to my day....merci!

p.s. I'm a bit behind on reading all your lovely blogs (and sending out some long-ago promised e-mails). I'll be back on task tomorrow, promise!


LatteLisa said...

wonderful, looks like you had a fabulous birthday ;-)

Emily said...

A belated happy birthday!!! LOVE the color of your nails!!

Kelly said...

Cake on your desk? Perfect day!

Sick by Trend said...

delicious that cake! :) I want a piece haha! I'm following

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whitney said...

looks like a fabulous day. happy birthday!

Allison said...

It looks like you had an incredible birthday, my dear! All that cake/ice cream is making me ridiculously hungry, and I am OBSESSED with your nail polish! (What color is it?). How sweet of your fiance to wrap something so beautifully and seal a card with wax - I've said it before, but you definitely have a keeper, girl! :) Your office friend sounds so lovely as well - cake is maybe the best ever surprise to be left on a desk!
P.S. Can you message me your address? I had saved the envelope my giveaway was in so I could pen pal you, but my mom threw it away - I have been meaning to write! xox

stylemailbox said...

yum, looks so good. fab nails!

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Wida said...

Wow!! Looks like perfection :D

Missing Amsie Blog

Melissa said...

happy birthday lovely! glad to see that you treated yourself to a perfect weekend =) btw, in response to your question in my last post- ani from what I know isn't armenian but she could definitely pass for it! hope you're having a great week

Paula (The Sea Green Journal) said...

Belated Happy Birthday! :)

Sara Marie said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! I really appreciate your support and I am so glad you enjoyed my pictures!


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