12 September, 2011

Scenes from a Weekend Walk

On Saturday afternoon my love and I went to the suburbs to visit my parents for a few hours - it is so nice to go back to their house now that I no longer live there. I don't mean that I hated living there - far from it, I have the most amazing parents ever. But having lived on my own prior to moving back in for my first year of graduate school, it was a transition - a rocky one at times.

But living with my love and being our own little family makes me appreciate them in ways I couldn't before. Though I am glad to be out of the nest permanently, I miss them. A lot.

I suppose that is one unfortunate reality of life - that we often don't realize the good until we are separated from it.

And I don't think this applies only to me but to my parents as well. I can feel that our relationship improved - it is as if the distance acts as a balm for any previous hurts. I think the fact that I'm engaged to a man they absolutely love (as do I!) doesn't hurt either.

I've grown up.....and now the fact that I've moved out has helped them accept it.

And my sisters are ecstatic that they have once again a place to escape to from THEIR squabbles with the parents ;)


Anonymous said...

I think after a certain age you simply need to move out no matter how good or bad the parents are. I think we simply need the space and the freedom that accompanies it.

jillian m. said...

"It is as if the distance acts as a balm for any previous hurts". I love what you've written here. And I can relate so much that I feel like you've read my mind.

Sienna said...

aww I loved this post belle. you are the best. i agree--we don't realize the good until we're separated from it.

amy b.s. said...

these photos are so lovely! it puts me in the traveling mood!

withoutizy said...

lovely pictures! you're truly lucky to have amazing parents. make sure you treasure them. xx

BattleGnomes said...

Love this post - your photos are amazing. As for your parents, everybody has squabbles but you're lucky to have such great parents, I'm glad your relationship is improving! :)