24 October, 2011

The journey

I've been dreaming lately - rather, let's be honest...I'm always dreaming - of airports and airplanes, of vintage suitcases and sophisticated travel wear.

For me, travel is at least as much about the journey as the destination. When I was little, I'd start packing the minute I found out about the next family vacation. And though I tend to pack at the last minute these days, the process is still pure joy.

I love being at the airport...enjoying a pre-flight cappuccino whilst watching people from all over the world rushing by. I imagine their lives, their destinations.

I relish my existence within that energy, that time between the departure and arrival when, suspended between two dots on the map, anything is possible. I don't just love traveling, I really love it. All of it. Delays and train strikes, lost luggage, misguided directions. I'll take the good and the bad, and with a smile on my face.

I may be the only person who purposefully chooses flights with the greatest number of stopovers, only for the chance to experience a new city, no matter how briefly.

Because I am a gypsy at heart. And traveling, experiencing both the journey and the destination, is as vital as the air I breath.

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Where are you itching to travel?


LatteLisa said...

Love travelling too but loving it even more when I saw that gorgeous vintage luggage. Sigh!

As you know, the next on my agenda is Paris. Paris, Paris, Paris ... by train. Love!

Miyan said...

were so alike! i daydream of traveling too, all. the. time. our next trip is definetly thailand, cambodia and laos.

i didnt get your 2nd letter yet, but hopefully it will arrive soon :)