13 October, 2011

Kitchen Goddess

The title of this post may be slightly misrepresentative of my abilities in the kitchen, but I am definitely improving! Since moving in with my fiancee and his brother, I've been cooking for three instead of..well...simply eating whatever my mother made for dinner.

And once I went through my tried-and-true recipes (lasagna, stuffed red peppers, kotleti), I realized I had to expand my repertoire (fear not, in the baking arena I am more than capable. Much to the dismay of my waistline.). And so I have.


(Italian sausage with peppers)

(Quinoa + spinach + gruyere casserole)

(Strawberry spinach salad + sauce)

(deviled eggs, grilled chicken and asparagus (okay, the fiancee grilled), roasted crimini mushrooms and french beans)

Tomato quiche with olives and Brie (recipe via)

And I've discovered that I really like cooking (just not the clean-up afterwards). Pinterest has helped fuel this, as I'm a sucker for beautifully presented things, and food is no exception.

My favorite time to cook? Towards the end of the afternoon when the sun is slowly setting and the kitchen is filled with a beautiful, almost translucent glow.

Of course, I'm certainly not a saint - after a few days spent laboring in the kitchen, I tend to give the fiancee the "if-I-have-to-spend-one-more-day-in-the-kitchen-......" look. Thankfully he knows me well, and both him and his brother are amazing cooks.


Bee29 said...

Wow, all the dishes look amazing!! Would you be able to post the recipe for the Quinoa casserole? It would make such a great side dish to kotleti :). Thanks in advance!!

MVN said...

I agree, the dishes look amazing. You've inspired hunger in me at...oh, midnight. :) The quiche is one I never tasted, want to give it a try.

Well done, lady, well done :)

Anonymous said...

you're rockin' the kitchen girl!

L said...

Hey you made the quinoa casserole - it's easy! I need to keep cooking more too.... beyond quinoa. Might make stuffed peppers this weekend though but am lacking an appetite. Favourites?

Allison said...

Look at you, girl! The quinoa casserole sounds amazing - I'm way, way impressed! :) xox

Helen said...

Wow!! Everything looks delicious! I love that quiche, and the casserole looks divine & healthy!

Felicia said...

looks delicious to me, especially that tomato quiche. i'll have to try it out soon. that golden hour is the best time to cook, i think! love. :)

Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Lol! I have perfected the 'if-I-have-to-spend-one-more-second-in-the-kitchen' look! Pinterest is also a huge source of cooking inspiration for me. I am drooling over that quiche!

Proctor&Cruz Designs said...

Yumm!!! that all looks soooo delicious!! what a lucky fiance you have to be getting all the tasty food :D

Kisses P&C

jillian m. said...

Drooling over here! How did the tomato quiche come out? Since I saw it on Olivia's blog, I've been wanting to try it, but also a little reluctant because it seems like it can go either way (taste-wise).