27 October, 2011

On Eating Healthy + Working Out

It is almost the end of Week 3 of my exercising/healthy eating endeavor (a lifetime one, I hope). I've cut down on sweets (my weakness) and carbohydrates, but although it feels like a diet to me, I am sure for most people it is a regular way of eating....called healthy eating. And I feel great.

Most day, I feel like this:

But then, there are other days when I feel like this:

Source: someecards.com via Anait on Pinterest

Source: imgspark.com via Anait on Pinterest

I've learned, when I do eat sweets,etc., to truly enjoy them...and so I've revised my grocery shopping to consist of delicious, organic products so I can be sure that when I do indulge, I'm treating myself to the best.

But more on that next week!


Jessi @ Life: The Epic Journey said...

My Honey and I have spent the past year trying to change our habits for good.

We both felt like we needed a healthier lifestyle, but extreme diet changes always ended in defeat.

So we started by just changing the types of sweets or carbs that we eat. For example, We spoiled ourselves with dark chocolate so that milk chocolate no longer held any appeal. Same with bread, a hot, fresh loaf of French bread is so much healthier and tastier than sandwich bread from the store.

A way that I found to beat the craving for sweets is to make a bowl of oatmeal every time I had a craving. I would load it up with maple syrup (which is still sugar) but it helped me curb my cravings. Now I rarely crave sweets at all.

Good luck!! Eating healthy is the way to go!!

City Girl Chicago said...

love this! inspirational, humble, and funny at the same time. I think the healthy lifestyle conquers up all these thoughts in most of us, just varies day by day! (at least for me too!)

Anonymous said...

you can beat this habit, you go girl!

jillian m. said...

Good luck to you! I'm also in the process of eliminating sweets (Monday through Friday only, haha), but it's tough when you have someone in the house that's constantly buying cakes, cookies and sugary cereals. Aargh.

Anonymous said...

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