14 November, 2011

Snob Diet

I read an article in last month's Glamour which I think every woman should read; and, so, I am quoting parts of it here. Enjoy!

"You invest in nice shoes. You don't use just any old shampoo. And you probably own at least one pair of jeans that costs more than anything made of denim should. But are you as discerning about what you put in your body as you are about what you put on it? 'I see so many young women who eat whatever's easy and available, and many subsist on processed, low-fat foods in an effort to control their weight,' says Cynthian Sass, nutritionist.....'We've been programmed to believe that's how you do it, but these subpar foods don't satisfy you the way real, high quality ones do.' So here's a novel idea:

Ditch the fat free pudding and go for a scoop of premium ice cream instead. Nibble on an amazing wedge of Camembert, not 'low-fat cheese food.' Eat the good stuff, turn your nose up at anything else and--nutritionists swear it will happen--watch yourself lose weight.

Such is the premise of the Snob Diet. (Gwyneth Paltrow basically declared herself an ally when she said, 'I'd rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a can.')

Celebrity dietitian Ashley Koff, R.D., has seen similar results in women she counsels: 'I'm a qualitarian, and I encourage all my clients to be as well. It's the dietary - and nutritional - equivalent of trading up from a cubic zirconia to a diamond'.


Rules of the Snob Diet:

1. Choose the highest quality foods possible

2. Enjoy that food

3. Don't deny your cravings (in moderation, of course)

4. But if it's not truly delicious, don't eat it.


my note: I loathe the term "diet", and though Glamour calls this the Snob Diet, I think it should be a way of life. Only take in the best, and your body will be its best. In Europe this is standard, and made easier by fresh markets and local products. However, with a slightly larger monetary investment and a bit of time to browse grocery aisles more closely, it can certainly be done - and it is worth it.


Inga said...

YES! "Enjoy it in small amounts" is what I try to do. The only problem is to have the amounts small :) Nice to "meet" you too :)

Anonymous said...

You can get cheese in a can really?!

Johanna said...

I love this idea. I so fall into the trap of eating "low fat" but it's all so processed!

Ashleigh said...

Excellent points in the first paragraph and a very interesting way of rethinking what we eat. I'm going for the good stuff!!

Alissa said...

I love this!! I've written a lot about my struggle with food, and this is exactly what it's come down to for me. Be as careful with what I put in my body (feeding my cravings, avoiding food that makes me feel crappy) as I am about what I put on my body. Great reminder.

jillian m. said...

I read that article too! Hahah, and I was actually thinking about it incorporating it into a post. However, now I think I'll just retweet this from your page :)

And I completely agree with your last note. This SHOULD be a way of life and not just seen as a fad diet (at least, in my opinion).

Stella said...

I seem to recall learning that diet was etymologically derived from the Greek word for 'way of life'...! I totally agree.

PS: I've been silently reading along for a while now without commenting, but just wanted to wish you my warmest congratulations on your engagement! :)

x Stella

Miyan said...

i totally agree with you on the fact that this should be called "the way of life" and nothing related to diet. so true! hun, you are seriously too cute for asking me if i am missing anything "american." truth is, i think it would be really fun to send each other little care packages, i would have a ball finding some israeli goodies to send you. how bout we do that! i still havent received your second letter. hoping it didnt get lost....

anyways, will be working on your little care package =)

have a great week!