11 November, 2011

Some Magic For Your Friday

Happy Friday, lovely readers!

Today is 11.11.11. I'd like to think it is a special day - it does come around only once every hundred years. In the spirit of all things magical and extraordinary, I give you Tim Walker photography.

I stumbled upon his work via Pinterest and discovered he is the photographer behind some of my most favorite images.

Take a break from reality and imagine yourself in one of these worlds:

Source: google.com via Amelda on Pinterest


tinajo said...

Fantastic pics for a special date! :-)

Anonymous said...

he's a genius! how funny is that second photo, haha

enjoy your weekend girl ;-)

Helen said...

I adore Tim Walker! He really does create magical stories in all of his photos ;)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Adriana said...

Such beautiful photos! :)

Anonymous said...

He really is a visionary, when he teams up with shona heath they are beyond compare.

Johanna said...

How did I miss these last time I visited your blog? Gorge...especially the first image!