05 November, 2011

Step Into My Office

I've been absent from the blogging world for the past week (Bloglovin currently reads 781 posts to catch up on), spending long days on campus working on research, meeting with professors and planning departmental events.

So it seems only fitting to give you a glimpse into my little campus office. Since I spend so much time there, I've tried to make it as cozy as possible. It's my area of respite from school craziness. Some days, I turn off the harsh overhead light (planning on buying a much softer floor lap for next semester), light a few candles (I'm certain having candles in the office is a no-no...I'm such a rebel), and type away by candlelight.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize that making my office so cozy {relatively speaking...I realize the grey bricks and fluorescent lights are still reminiscent of a prison} would only encourage other graduate students to leave their bare offices and come spend a majority of their time in mine.

Enjoy the tour...

My side of the office ( there is another desk/bookshelf on the other side)

(this water boiler has made me the envy of many of my fellow classmates...hehe)

(candles, a love note from my fiancee, and a photo of Paris keep me calm on hectic days)

(my sister made the above european landscape collage from journal clippings. She's pretty amazing).
(tea/coffee/hot chocolate stash....necessary for sanity)

(my inspiration board)

Hope you are all having an indulgent weekend!


MVN said...

Love it, dear!
No wonder other grad students want to spend time there. Cozy and intellectual setting--very nice.

Anonymous said...

you are definitely one of the most fabulous people I've ever 'met' in my entire life ... love this post!

amy b.s. said...

loving all of your inspiration.

tinajo said...

Great post - great blog! Thanks for visiting me, now I´ll be your newest Follower! :-)

Malin said...

Ah, can I come hang out there?? Pleease? I hate not having somewhere to go in the mornings, my university is really bad at providing study spaces for the students. There are some 'postgraduate study carrels' at the library, which are okay, but you feel a bit claustrophobic & you can't leave books/stuff there!!
Maybe if I do decide to do a Phd one day.....

So what exactly is your research on? I'm hoping to do my dissertation on Somaliland and the issue of secession&new states in the world/the reluctance of the international community to consider other forms than the nation-state... Now just to formulate the actual question properly..